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Tim Crook unveils new iPhoney 0,6

-Anderson Scooper-

“New WPN app connects automatically to tax-free clouds around the globe”

Rubble unveiled Tuesday a special version of the iPhoney 0,6 and 0,6 Minus, to commemorate the 10-year partnership between the tech giant and the Cayman's ONG 'Save Our Savings From Taxes' (SOS FT). The special edition iPhoneys, which feature a white aluminum body, will come in 128GB and 256GB models starting at $7,749.99.

New features include the WNP proxy app, an evolution of the dated VPN. The Internet experience will be unique. WPN (Will Pay Nothing) will automatically change location of your tax home so that your business will always shift to the most up to date tax havens. Among the WPN locations, next to traditional tax free states such as Cayman Islands, are interesting new entries such as post-Brexit UK and USA.

"0.6 is the real percentage we pay on corporate taxes" proclaimed Mr. Crook during the presentation event. "Our goal is to set a revolution in the digital world. New models will be downgraded back to iPhoney 0,1".

The white phones will be available in stores and online starting Friday for a "limited" time, though Rubble declined to provide specific details about the timeframe. Rubble also would not share how much money will be donated to SOS FT through the sales of these special iPhoneys. Overall, Rubble said, it has contributed $999.99 as part of its partnership with SOS FT, making the company the world's largest corporate donor to the Global Fund to fight unfair taxes.